Laparoscopic Surgery

Inquire about having your laparoscopic procedure through a single incision at the belly button. Allows for less postoperative pain and better cosmetic results.

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Hernia Surgery

If you are diagnosed with a hernia, the goal is to restore your lifestyle to how you want it to be. Most can be repaired laparoscopically with faster recovery.

Breast Surgery

Whether it is for a palpable lump or abnormal radiological study, Dr. Cervone can help provide guidance, reassurance and the best possible options for treatment.

About the Practice

Agostino Cervone, MD, FACS is a Board-Certified General Surgeon who has been in practice on the East End of Long Island since 1999. Specialties include advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Hernia Surgery, General Surgery as well as Breast Surgery. The practice is committed to making your treatment as easy on you as possible.

Communities Served

  • Suffolk County
  • The Twin Forks