Laparoscopic Surgery

Inquire about having your laparoscopic procedure through a single incision at the belly button. Allows for less postoperative pain and better cosmetic results.

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Hernia Surgery

If you are diagnosed with a hernia, the goal is to restore your lifestyle to how you want it to be. Most can be repaired laparoscopically with faster recovery.

Breast Surgery

Whether it is for a palpable lump or abnormal radiological study, Dr. Cervone can help provide guidance, reassurance and the best possible options for treatment.

Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Joe L

  • Hernia

“I had a bilateral laparoscopic operation performed by Dr. Cervone. First of all his personality and staff are outstanding, very caring.

This was an outpatient operation. The only discomfort I had was a sore abdomen that lasted several days. After a week everything was back to normal. I am very pleased with the outcome of the operation, and highly recommend Dr. Cervone”

Joan Z.

  • Colon resection

“Greatest surgeon on the South Fork of Long Island! Caring staff and especially caring doctor!!! Dr. Cervone is with you all the way.... I have already recommended him to may folks. He has a sense of humor, the greatest laugh, and best hugs! His talent is a gift from God! So many surgeons are arrogant, but not Dr. Cervone. Guaranteed you will like him!”


  • Colon surgery

“Dr. Cervone made a rather scary experience much easier to process through. He took his time to explain, follow-up and cheer me up throughout my procedure. He is the finest surgeon I have had to interact with. Thank you, and his laugh was infectious, a great sense of humor to help along the way.”

Cassidy K

  • Umbilical Hernia

“Dr. Cervone treated me for an Umbilical Hernia at the beginning of the year. I was living in California at the time and I had to fly in for the surgery. I thought it would be really difficult to organize a procedure from across the country, however I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. Cervone and his delightful staff were incredibly understanding, caring and accommodating. They were able to schedule me for a pre-op on a Friday, surgery on Monday and then my follow-up exam on the following Friday. I healed incredibly quickly and had minimal discomfort. I was home in less than two weeks!

Dr. Cervone has a fabulous personality and a good sense of humor. He makes you feel at ease at a time that can be stressful. It was clear from the beginning that Dr. Cervone was experienced with my procedure and he did a wonderful job! This was an all around good experience for me and I recommend Dr. Cervone to anyone!

Austin D

  • robotic gall bladder removal

“I had been having stomach pains on and off for over a year. I went to a few physicians who told me to to lose weight and stop eating fast food, but couldn't tell me what was wrong and why I was feeling this way. My mom kept saying it was gall bladder, but the tests kept coming back negative. After her insistence, we went and saw Dr. Cervone. He ordered a test and confirmed that my gall bladder had to come out. We scheduled the surgery around my school schedule and was told that I would miss minimal classes. I went in and had the robotic surgery - just one incision at my navel! It was amazing. I was home that same night and within a week and a half I was back to work and school. I feel amazing and can't thank Dr. Cervone and his staff enough for all they did.”

Ryan S

  • appendectomy

“I've never had any surgery. So, when I went into the ER 3/19/13 and learned I needed my appendix out, I was very nervous. Dr. Cervone put my mind at ease. He is an amazing surgeon with a great sense of humor. I was back to work in less than a week!”

Jim M

  • gallblader

“Dr. Cervone- I am truly thankful that I met you and you successfully operated on me on 11/21/13. Fear is always part of my life, however, you put me a ease.”


  • Gallbladder Surgery
LindaC's photo

“Dr. Cervone is the most kindest, compassionate, fun and a truly superior surgeon. Not only is he exceptional at what he does but also makes you feel comfortable and at ease with your surgery. His team he works with at Peconic Bay Medical Center are beyond outstanding as well! I would never go anywhere else for any future surgeries!!!”

Gloria B

  • Robotic gallbladder

“At 8:00 AM this morning Dr Cervone performed robotic surgery to remove my gallbladder at PBMC. At 12:30 PM. I was home enjoying lunch with my husband. I have had more discomfort having a dental implant put in. This was made possible by an outstanding surgeon and his incredible team!

I can't thank him and his team enough!!!”

Agatha L.

  • Gall Bladder, Ovarian Cyst removal
Agatha L.'s photo

“In a nutshell, my stomach pain turned out to be gallbladder trouble. After the initial sonogram it was discovered that I also had a cyst on my ovary. My GP (and he's great too!) sent me to Dr. Cervone for a workup and to schedule me for removal of the offending organs. Well, I couldn't have been happier with Dr. Cervone! He is such a caring, dedicated, easy to talk to kinda guy and I was so comfortable with him that I had no reservations about my surgery at all! In February of 2014 Dr. Cervone performed my surgery with his giant laparoscopic robot. I went home the same day and recovery for me was fast...about 1 week. I just can't say enough about him, only that I hope I don't need him again but I miss him...he's a great guy and Doctor...I'd recommend him to anyone at all!”

Ron Horowitz

  • incarcerated ventral hernia repair

“For someone facing surgery, which can be a scary thing, I had a very positive experience from start to finish. I found Dr Cervone's office to be very friendly, caring and efficient. His Medical assistant is very caring, as well as funny. The coordinator is very efficient & took care of everything for me. They did everything they could to make this as easy as possible for me. Dr Cervone is a wonderful surgeon. He is very light hearted, genuine, and exhibits the best bedside manner I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend Dr Cervone, as well as PBMC.”

Bob G

  • Lymph removal

“Contacted Dr.Cervone about a lump in my groin that was leftover from a previous surgery. He diagnosed it properly and removed it. He has a great bedside manner besides being a top notch surgeon. I am using him again for a minor surgery.”


  • Robotic Single Site Cholecystectomy

“Dr Cervone is personable, professional, and knowledgeable. He answered any and all of my questions and concerns. He made me feel 100% confident about my procedure. My Procedure went excellent- no complications, and recovery was smooth.I would recommend him to anyone, no hesitations!”

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